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Water tank construction work

Quality inside construction works

Quality global viewed inside construction industry

When we use quality, sometimes only we refer product had been constructed according to some strict parameters and using high level materials which one guarantee its durability, but quality like that should go farther, it must have a larger scope than the constructed object.


People likes well manufactured things is an unanswerable fact; we want quality and if it's possible with a good price. But, what is it really works quality? Obviously it is used materials during constructive process are critical, like staff executes works. These two work branches more visible and known, however there is more. Let's see split.

metal pipes construction materialsConstruction materials

when it is time to build housing, shopping mall, offices building or any kind of work, materials play a key role. As better be materials higher will be their resistance with time, tehy will endure better normal wastage by daily use and they will keep their factory properties during long period of time. This is applicable to all elements of work, from concrete used in structure till the last tile, including pipes, isolations, etc. This agent is directly related with quality of product built.

construction site supervisorStaff

This is another valuable factor. If we have the best material but is not correctly placed is a waste on a general level. Account with trained staff and technician which supervise executed works is so important to guarantee the final success. At this point it is not only an optional question when is time to choose a quality product, if not legislation in prevention of labour risks requires all staff properly trained.

Both of the previously points are the most known quality sides. But there are more. Nowadays society requires companies step forward and keep moving in CSR.

Trees and rocks  EnvironmentEnvironment

Environmental quality. We wouldn't know during our open works constructive process some dangerous discharges could have been poured to the nearest river. Neither land where is our housing is polluted with oil, resin or paints remains. Also wouldn't be correct that work rubbish finishes in the nearest field.

Job security

it would not be acceptable during works execution could happen accidents several workers by unsafe work conditions, outside risks explained by possible labour infractions even those could eventually stop works. Workers safety join quality concept.

Supply chains

In the same way wouldn't be right supply chains were not subject to the same kind of control, cause in the have impact in the works like main contractor, even in an indirect way. An example about this could be some material supplier uses child labour in the manufacture of bricks or cements. This infringement, even if it is indirect, it would finish join part of construction, thus product quality would be influenced.

Quality concept no longer limited the product has good materials and will be properly constructed, if not it reaches the whole constructive process from origin till the end, direct and indirect. Of course if this process is certificated with some kind quality system like 9001, 14001 or 18001 standards better, because it takes more accuracy thanks to an audited system.

When it's time to look for a works contractor is highly recommended test these requirements if we want an authentic quality construction, according to the current standards which requires society.

Pablo Gacimartín