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Constrution impulses cement sector growth

Cement consumption increases by 5,2% during 2015 January

Cement sector at last has something to celebrate through years of national comsumption decreasing, it had left consumption levels like in the 60´s.

According Oficemen data (Agrupación de fabricantes de cemento de España), 2014 is the breakpoint for disaster trend sufferd along years in cement sector. Cement consumption has increased 0,4% during 2014, reach the quantity of 10.788.547 tons. If we analize 2015 January data, this shy upturn seems, has arrived to stay , getting a rise of 5,2%.

During last years, cement sector has suffered an incredible prodution adjust caused by economical crisis. That has promoted exports trying to offset prodution decrease, during 2014 exports were 31,6% bigger than the previour period, with 9.594.356 tons more than in 2013.

Pablo Gacimartín

Fuente: FLC