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Madrid chinese casino

First chinese public gambling hall Casino open up in Madrid

It is inaugurated first casino devised for chinese residents in Madrid.

Casino works were executed by Casdisa constructor in the term established by our client.

El Caballo Dorado is the name of this first casino focus on chinese population. It is located in Usera, district of Madrid city, where chinese populatión is large. Businessman Jaime Martín-Laborda, owner of this casino has opinion that gambling sector is growing and his intent is to continue betting in the sector.

Talking about this casino-gambling halls sector, Casdisa is now building another one in Leganés city, inside Madrid area. This construction works in Leganes belongs to an enlargement short term proyect, and is going to continue with another gambling hall in North of Madrid.

For more information visit La Razon where there is the following news about el Caballo Dorado La Razón.