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Register of accredited companies

Register of accredited construction companies

Comments to the construction companies duties about registration on REA

registration duty in the register of accredited companies involve all the contractor and subcontractor companies and self-employed construction workers with employees.


Register of accredited companies born through article 6 of Law 32/2006, October 18th, regulatory of subcontracting inside construction sector, which one says

Article 6. Purposes about what is disposed on previous article, it will be created Register of Accredited Companies, it will depend of the labour authority competent, understood like corresponding to the territory of Autonomous community where is the contractor or subcontractor company registered office.

mesh construction materialreason why in 2006 idea of REA foundation, it is the high accident data of construction sector. It is understandable one way to descend accidents levels, it is companies which work in that sector should have a quality minimum level. Thus, each company which want to work in construction sector should sign up in REA. Main function of REA is checkout companies fulfil a minimum knowledge about labour risk prevention, solvency and employ quality.

These companies which only have temporary labour contracts, haven't got an structure and minimum material ways or haven't form their employees and managers in labour risk prevention, they wont sign up in the register of accredited companies, also they could not be hired in Construction, not like contractor or subcontractors. This requirements can confuse readers and turn their mind in a discriminatory situation compared with another sectors where there are not such a requirements to work, thus, construction accident level data highlight to others sectors,legislator is obligated to create new controls to reduce this terrible data. Reality is every company the biggest or the smallest could sign up without any problems in REA. It is important to mention, inscription continue for three long years, so there is a predisposition by legislator to avoid add administrative loads annually to companies. However, this seems and advantage have changed to a setback for many small and medium companies who forgot about renew their inscription. Try to remember in three years obligation to renovate REA for some of them have been a hard work.

CIt should be noted that in some Autonomous Communities like Cataluña, be part of this official register isn't for free. The reason of this nonsense is thanks to duplicities of Spanish administrations so in each Autonomous Community there is an independent Register. Inscription in each register authorized to work in construction around all Spanish Land without any borderline among Communities. After this brief explanation it is obvious only one Central Register could be enough, and a lot of public money used now in the same register duplicate 17 times could be saved for another uses. Once make this review, I must admit foundation of Register of accredited companies have been a step forward on prevention and quality inside constructor companies.

Every REA started to work between 2008 March and 2009 March. It is interesting how after six years inside construction sector we can find companies who ignore duty of sign up in the Register. Some of them still think that duty corresponds only to the main contractor, but law is so clearly in that stuff: contractors, subcontractors and self-employed construction workers should all sign up. Fortunately number of companies who ignore Rea are decreased day after day.

It is important to mention those companies have been punished by labour infractions could become to kick out of REA. Over time, in my opinion requirements to join this register should be harder, limiting inscription of those companies whose manager had been sanctioned by continuously labour infractions or those managers could administrate several companies kicked out of REA. We could avoid every time someone is out of this register, come back to sign up with another new society after a couple of months; I am talking about corrupted managers in serious labour risks prevention infractions. The result of desired changes would mean a higher labour quality both of sector workers and companies, accordingly in the final customer.

There is a lot of REA documentation, following link belongs to the Ministry, you can find some usual questions which answer most of your REA doubts: Ministry of Employment and social Security REA Usual query

Pablo Gacimartín